Production of soft drinks

Kalabria company was founded in 1911 and always has been focusing on production of soft drinks. Nowadays we produce carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages in many flavours. We deliver our products in 0.5 l PET bottles and aluminium kegs.Limonády Kalabria

As a part of keg selling we offer sales promotion with promotional products, drinking glasses for free or installation of tap equipment. We also produce syrups (with sugar or light), bottled in 12 l cans. Products are made within our brands Kalabria and UNI and also within private brands of important customers. Both for customers and our own needs we produce 0.5 l PET bottles.

Soft drinks are produced from excellent underground water from sources in sandstones of Czech cretaceous basin. This water is mildly mineralized, therefore does not burden organism with high amounts of minerals and is suitable for permanent drinking.

About us

Within our quality and environment policy we pay attention especially to:

  • maintaining principles of quality and hygiene during production
  • applying the system of quality management and HACCP system
  • minimizing the impact of production on the environment
  • consistent recycling of production waste
  • creating and maintaining optimal work environment for our employees

Quality of our production is certified by International Food Standard certificate.

Certifikát IFS